Another Day in Eden

The Maker stepped down into the lush, verdant garden to enjoy everything that He had lovingly crafted. His feet touched the ground, and the grass bowed underfoot, thankful to have been blessed with his presence. The ground itself rejoiced, praising Him for the strength to support Him. As He breathed in, the cool, fresh air … More Another Day in Eden

Plants Meditation – 12. Yew

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name: Yew  Symbolism: Everlasting Life Survival after death  Information: This tree hollows out over time to give stability and durability over hundreds of years, regenerating from below. Its longevity is extended into perpetual life by the growth of daughter shoots which flourish around the mother tree as she gradually … More Plants Meditation – 12. Yew

Plants Meditation – 11. Ivy

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name: Ivy  Symbolism: Connection Dependence Friendship Immortality  Information: Ivy is an evergreen plant, surviving even the hardest of winters, and is immortalised in the ancient carol, “The Holly and the Ivy”. Its association with the winter comes from the bringing in of evergreen plants into places of worship to … More Plants Meditation – 11. Ivy

Plants Meditation – 10. Silver Birch

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Silver Birch  Symbolism: Pioneering Fire Resilience  Information: Birch is one of the first deciduous trees to wake after the Winter and since ancient times has been seen as representing renewal and new beginnings. The birch tree sheds part of itself almost constantly, whether catkins, leaves, twigs or seeds. … More Plants Meditation – 10. Silver Birch

Plants Meditation – 9. Hawthorn

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Hawthorn  Symbolism: Abundance Fertility & New Life Toughness  Information: This is a very hard wood, tough enough for making wheels, gear cogs and milling. It burns well, even when green, giving a beautiful light to all around. Traditionally it has also been used as a boundary marker for … More Plants Meditation – 9. Hawthorn

Plants Meditation – 7. Periwinkle

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Purity  Symbolism: Purity Opportunity Grace  Information: The periwinkle is a fast growing ground cover plant, whose stems take root when upon touching the ground. Some varieties are evergreen, but others die back to the roots during the winter season. As the number five is associated with grace, the … More Plants Meditation – 7. Periwinkle

Plants Meditation – 6. Aquelegia / Columbine

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Aquelegia / Columbine  Symbolism: Innocence Foolishness Gifts of the Spirit  Information: The unmistakable columbine is an incredibly varied species, with thousands of varieties, each delicately painted in many different colour combinations. It is the microscopic changes in the cell shapes of its flowers which produce the dramatic changes … More Plants Meditation – 6. Aquelegia / Columbine

Plants Meditation – 3. Foxglove

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Foxglove  Symbolism: Healing Potential Harm Rhythm Caution  Information: Thriving in acidic soils, the foxglove is a beautiful self-seeding plant which maximizes the opportunity of regular visits from bees and other insects to carry its pollen to other flowers to cross-breed. As a result there are many colours of … More Plants Meditation – 3. Foxglove

Plants Meditation – 2. Honeysuckle

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Honeysuckle  Symbolism: Bonds of Love Attraction Covering  Information: The honeysuckle is a hardy plant renowned for its flowers which have a sweet, heady fragrance. It is possible to drink the nectar of these flowers, experiencing what it must be like to be an insect supping its delights. As … More Plants Meditation – 2. Honeysuckle