Plants Meditation – 3. Foxglove

 Plants Meditation

Image: Wikimedia Commons

 Plant Name:  Foxglove
  • Healing
  • Potential Harm
  • Rhythm
  • Caution

Thriving in acidic soils, the foxglove is a beautiful self-seeding plant which maximizes the opportunity of regular visits from bees and other insects to carry its pollen to other flowers to cross-breed. As a result there are many colours of foxgloves.

In medieval times, the foxglove was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and was called “Our Lady’s Gloves”.

Foxglove has the reputation of a plant that can heal, but also hurt with the powerful digitalis group of drugs within it. It has been used medicinally for thousands of years, treating heart rhythm conditions, but can be fatal if not used correctly in the hands of the untrained. It is this potential to kill that may have given rise to the folklore that picking them would attract the unwanted attentions of the “fairy folk” – possibly a story created to keep children away from playing with them.

Meditation: Stop and listen to your heartbeat.
What is the rhythm of your heart?
How is your rhythm in tune with the land and with the Divine?

If you wish to have a printable version you can download a pdf of this here.

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