Plants Meditation – 8. Rosemary

 Plants Meditation


Image: Wikimedia Commons

 Plant Name:  Rosemary
  • Remembrance
  • Love
  • Purification
 Information: This herb’s name comes from the Latin, “dew of the sea” and in folklore it is said that it would grow for up to 33 years, attaining the height Christ was when he was crucified.

It is a very hardy plant, being able to withstand droughts for long periods of time, and may even flower as late as December and from February.

Rosemary prefers a sunny position and doesn’t like its roots to remain waterlogged.

As well as being used as a rich flavouring for some meats, it can provide control against pests either through evaporation of its volatile essential oils from its leaves in the garden, or by being burnt as an incense ingredient.

Meditation: What have I forgotten which needs to be brought to mind and dealt with?

How can I show love to someone I disagree with?

Where does my life need purifying and how may this occur?

If you wish to have a printable version you can download a pdf of this here.

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