Song to the Summer Solstice

Hail to thee bright solstice sun,

Most radiant of all upon this middle-earth.


You arise in your place at the appointed time,

at the command of your Creator,

The Risen and Ascended Son,

Whose refulgence is beheld through

The splendour of your beams.

solstice sunrise

As your light provides for all life in your gaze,

So may the light of Christ illuminate and feed

Our hearts, our minds and our spirits.

As your warm embrace reaches all from afar,

So may the fire of the Spirit kindle within

A love for all God’s creation.

As you stand still in the highest point this day

May we pause to reflect upon our lives as your light grew stronger,

And may we strive to be imagers of the True Sun

As the darkness increases once more.

So may it be.


©2020 Matt Arnold – Summer Solstice.

Images taken from the English Heritage Live Feed of the Summer Solstice Sunset and Sunrise 2020

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