Plants Meditation – 6. Aquelegia / Columbine

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Aquelegia / Columbine  Symbolism: Innocence Foolishness Gifts of the Spirit  Information: The unmistakable columbine is an incredibly varied species, with thousands of varieties, each delicately painted in many different colour combinations. It is the microscopic changes in the cell shapes of its flowers which produce the dramatic changes … More Plants Meditation – 6. Aquelegia / Columbine

Plants Meditation – 5. Poppy

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Poppy  Symbolism: Sleep Peace Death Resurrection  Information: Poppies are versatile plants which thrive in disturbed soil. This explains why many fields which have not been treated with herbicides are shot through with swathes of red in the summer. One single poppy seed-head may contain up to 17000 individual … More Plants Meditation – 5. Poppy

Plants Meditation – 4. Lavender

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Lavender  Symbolism: Peace & Calm Tranquility Healing  Information: Lavender is a wonderful plant in anyone’s garden both for its sheer beauty in colour and fragrance, which can be distilled into an important essential oil which should be a part of any home medicine chest, effective in so many … More Plants Meditation – 4. Lavender

Plants Meditation – 3. Foxglove

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Foxglove  Symbolism: Healing Potential Harm Rhythm Caution  Information: Thriving in acidic soils, the foxglove is a beautiful self-seeding plant which maximizes the opportunity of regular visits from bees and other insects to carry its pollen to other flowers to cross-breed. As a result there are many colours of … More Plants Meditation – 3. Foxglove