Jesus and the Green Man – Part 5 of 6: Pan

This figure is perhaps the most completely developed of the figures we’ve discussed so far in this series. Space only permits highlights of the development of Pan into a Green Man figure and again I’d point you to Ronald Hutton’s The Triumph of the Moon for a whole chapter’s worth of the development of this intriguing … More Jesus and the Green Man – Part 5 of 6: Pan

Another Day in Eden

The Maker stepped down into the lush, verdant garden to enjoy everything that He had lovingly crafted. His feet touched the ground, and the grass bowed underfoot, thankful to have been blessed with his presence. The ground itself rejoiced, praising Him for the strength to support Him. As He breathed in, the cool, fresh air … More Another Day in Eden

Creator & Creation – 3. The Song of The Risen God

“Those who have ears to hear, listen to these words I now say. Those who have eyes to see, watch as this story unfolds.” Today is Easter Day! The highest and holiest day of the Christian calendar which traditionally day begins with the responsive cry, “Christ is risen. He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!” Referring back to Song 1 – … More Creator & Creation – 3. The Song of The Risen God

The Deep Green Christian’s Spring Equinox

Once more we come to a time of balance in the Wheel of the Year. The darkness is quickly giving way to the light, which shone albeit weakly, throughout wintertime. The light arises, poised to overtake darkness. Shadows are becoming shorter; days are getting longer; our Brother Sun fervently grows in strength once more upon … More The Deep Green Christian’s Spring Equinox

Plants Meditation – 12. Yew

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name: Yew  Symbolism: Everlasting Life Survival after death  Information: This tree hollows out over time to give stability and durability over hundreds of years, regenerating from below. Its longevity is extended into perpetual life by the growth of daughter shoots which flourish around the mother tree as she gradually … More Plants Meditation – 12. Yew