Song 2: Another Day in Eden

‘Spirit Rising’ – Ioannis  Antoniadis

“Those who have ears to hear, listen to the words I now say.
Those who have eyes to see, watch as this story unfolds.”

The Maker descended upon the holy mountain lying within the lush, verdant garden. He wished enjoy everything He’d lovingly crafted and to make it his home and dwelling with humankind.

His feet touched the ground, and the grass bowed underfoot, thankful to have been blessed with his presence. The ground itself rejoiced, praising Him for the strength to support Him.

As He breathed in, the cool, fresh air sang as it rushed to fill His lungs, blessing Him and being blessed in the fullness of its purpose.

Overhead, the sun reached down and lovingly kissed his skin, holding its Maker in a warm embrace.

Alongside, the diamond sparkling stream bubbled playfully as it flowed ahead of Him, gurgling its thanks.

As He walked, the trees bowed in gratitude, and the birds in their branches serenaded Him. The hum of praise of the insects added to nature’s musical worship of the Ground of All Being.

Those in the heavenly realms took their places, watching in awe at the wondrous sight.

All was very good, graciously upheld by the Eternal mothering Spirit of God.

And there was evening, and there was morning – the eighth day.

Tomorrow would be the Great Gathering of the Divine Council.

©2017 Matt Arnold


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