Jesus and the Green Man – Part 4 of 6: Cernunnos

“The Horned One” is the translation for the only single inscription we have of this particular Green Man character. Found on the Celtic Gundestrup Cauldron and widespread on other engravings, this antlered figure is thought by some to be an important god of the continental Celts, or even the most important god by some commentators. … More Jesus and the Green Man – Part 4 of 6: Cernunnos

The Deep Green Christian’s Spring Equinox

Once more we come to a time of balance in the Wheel of the Year. The darkness is quickly giving way to the light, which shone albeit weakly, throughout wintertime. The light arises, poised to overtake darkness. Shadows are becoming shorter; days are getting longer; our Brother Sun fervently grows in strength once more upon … More The Deep Green Christian’s Spring Equinox

The “Deep Green” Christian’s Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is upon us! The sun has ventured down to the lowest point in the sky, bringing with him the shortest day and the longest of nights. It doesn’t get any darker than this. Ever since the Autumn Equinox back last September, the balance of power between the light and the dark has been in … More The “Deep Green” Christian’s Winter Solstice