Christ, The Holy Fool – An April 1st Tarot Reflection

Note to Christians who have found this page and are “highly offended” by the very notion that I call Christ “The Holy Fool”, do please read this fantastic blog post on the concept of holy fools in the Bible, then if you’re able, do continue reading this particular post… Fool that I may appear, today, … More Christ, The Holy Fool – An April 1st Tarot Reflection

The Deep Green Christian’s Spring Equinox

Once more we come to a time of balance in the Wheel of the Year. The darkness is quickly giving way to the light, which shone albeit weakly, throughout wintertime. The light arises, poised to overtake darkness. Shadows are becoming shorter; days are getting longer; our Brother Sun fervently grows in strength once more upon … More The Deep Green Christian’s Spring Equinox

The “Deep Green” Christian’s Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is upon us! The sun has ventured down to the lowest point in the sky, bringing with him the shortest day and the longest of nights. It doesn’t get any darker than this. Ever since the Autumn Equinox back last September, the balance of power between the light and the dark has been in … More The “Deep Green” Christian’s Winter Solstice

Plants Meditation – 12. Yew

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name: Yew  Symbolism: Everlasting Life Survival after death  Information: This tree hollows out over time to give stability and durability over hundreds of years, regenerating from below. Its longevity is extended into perpetual life by the growth of daughter shoots which flourish around the mother tree as she gradually … More Plants Meditation – 12. Yew

Plants Meditation – 11. Ivy

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name: Ivy  Symbolism: Connection Dependence Friendship Immortality  Information: Ivy is an evergreen plant, surviving even the hardest of winters, and is immortalised in the ancient carol, “The Holly and the Ivy”. Its association with the winter comes from the bringing in of evergreen plants into places of worship to … More Plants Meditation – 11. Ivy

Plants Meditation – 10. Silver Birch

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Silver Birch  Symbolism: Pioneering Fire Resilience  Information: Birch is one of the first deciduous trees to wake after the Winter and since ancient times has been seen as representing renewal and new beginnings. The birch tree sheds part of itself almost constantly, whether catkins, leaves, twigs or seeds. … More Plants Meditation – 10. Silver Birch

Plants Meditation – 3. Foxglove

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Foxglove  Symbolism: Healing Potential Harm Rhythm Caution  Information: Thriving in acidic soils, the foxglove is a beautiful self-seeding plant which maximizes the opportunity of regular visits from bees and other insects to carry its pollen to other flowers to cross-breed. As a result there are many colours of … More Plants Meditation – 3. Foxglove