The Unseen Realm behind the Deep Green

Having moved house shortly before the UK lockdown in March, as a supply teacher, I’ve been blessed to have been furloughed, providing a much needed safety net. One of the projects I have been working on since then is the creation of a website for a topic that is near to my heart – the paranormal.

My interest in the paranormal was sparked as a young child, from a kids book on ghosts from Usbourne Publishing. Since then, as a Christian I’ve been told that having an interest in such things is “not healthy”, “playing with fire” and so on. Well, as I’ve grown older, that interest hasn’t waned, and, having had a few paranormal experiences of my own, both good and bad, I decided to explore this world through a lens that takes Scripture within the context it was originally written and experienced. This required a lot of study of some weird stuff from the Ancient Near East which formed the setting for many of the paranormal incidents that happen in Scripture.

My Masters (in Mission and Evangelism – Pioneering Ministries and Fresh Expressions) dissertation gained a mahoosive 82% and was said to be “a monumental piece of work” by one of the markers. The dissertation title? “Paranormal Hauntings and Applications in Deliverance Ministry: A Critical Investigation”. This was awarded in November 2019, and since then I have endeavoured to try and bring the very technical dissertation out into the mainstream. Lockdown provided such a time of opportunity, one which was effectively a much needed sabbatical to get all those projects I’ve wanted to do done…

So, if you’re interested in what the Bible really says about the paranormal, and some of the unseen realm that underpins and permeates the Deep Green world we inhabit, head over to Ghosts, Ghouls And God, and explore the articles that are on there, and perhaps, if you like, join our Facebook Group to engage, share and learn more about this fascinating world, from a thoroughly Scriptural perspective (and no, not a knee-jerk, “It’s all demons!” perspective).

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