Song to the Blessèd Rain

Hail to thee, oh blessèd rain!

Thou who gathers in darkest of clouds,

Plunging joyfully from above,

Refreshing all upon this earth;

Rainbow Green Hill Grass Storm Nature Landscapes Rainbows Wallpaper Pictures HD

Thou who descends upon the mountains,

Crafting streams and rivers,

Filling lakes, seas and oceans;


Thou of whom the plants adore,

Slaking thirst of man and beast,

Returns to sky once more;


Thou whose precious qualities

Reflect Spirit of the Creator,



Sustaining all.


Clouds, come rain, in myriad jewel.

Kiss this land, revive the earth.


Spirit, come reign, in our hearts,

Crown your children, sustain new birth.


©2018 Matt Arnold

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