Plants Meditation – 4. Lavender

 Plants Meditation

Image: Wikimedia Commons

 Plant Name:  Lavender
  • Peace & Calm
  • Tranquility
  • Healing
 Information: Lavender is a wonderful plant in anyone’s garden both for its sheer beauty in colour and fragrance, which can be distilled into an important essential oil which should be a part of any home medicine chest, effective in so many ways: treating and healing scalds and burns, as well as being a natural anti-depressant, sedative, antibiotic, antiseptic and de-toxifier. The oil induces such a relaxing effect that fields of lavender have caused pickers to fall asleep within them.

The flavour of lavender, through judicious use of the petals, and not the bitter oil, adds a wonderfully delicious taste to a number of foods, including my favourite, lavender panna cotta.

The purple colour of the plant may be symbolic of the utter royalty of this beautiful plant.

Meditation: What are the spiritual fragrances in my life which others detect?
Are they a joy for others to inhale, or are there some distinctly “off” notes in there?
How can I bring any “off” notes into harmony with the fragrances of the Divine Creator in my life?

If you wish to have a printable version you can download a pdf of this here.

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