Plants Meditation – 12. Yew

 Plants Meditation


Image: Wikimedia Commons

 Plant Name: Yew
  • Everlasting Life
  • Survival after death
 Information: This tree hollows out over time to give stability and durability over hundreds of years, regenerating from below.

Its longevity is extended into perpetual life by the growth of daughter shoots which flourish around the mother tree as she gradually fades away. The shoots are of the same substance as the main tree and are connected by root systems.

Over centuries yews form groves by spreading out like ripples from a splash. Instead of the finality of death and decay, yew demonstrates continuity and the expansion of life outwards, ever growing and reaching beyond itself.

At root level, yew symbolises oneness, while its evergreen leaves are another symbol of everlasting life.

Meditation: What is the source of life in me?

What feeds that source?

How can I go on being fed in order to give out to others around me?

If you wish to have a printable version you can download a pdf of this here.

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