Plants Meditation – 9. Hawthorn

 Plants Meditation


Image: Wikimedia Commons

 Plant Name:  Hawthorn
  • Abundance
  • Fertility & New Life
  • Toughness
 Information: This is a very hard wood, tough enough for making wheels, gear cogs and milling. It burns well, even when green, giving a beautiful light to all around.

Traditionally it has also been used as a boundary marker for land, with our country having many thousands of miles of hawthorn hedges.

Medicinally it has been used as a blood tonic, stimulating circulation (especially during exercise), preventing hardening of the arteries and regulating blood pressure. A drink of it was made for the winter as a vitamin drink.

Drinking hawthorn tea calms the spirit, and regulates mood swings.

Its red blood berries are a cheery sight in during those long, dark winters and provide nourishment for many animals.

Meditation: What can I be thankful for in my life?

What new things are on the horizon for me which will form  good fruits?

Where am I feeling worn away? What can help restore me?

If you wish to have a printable version you can download a pdf of this here.

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