Song 3: The Song of the Great Gathering of the Divine Council

“Those who have ears to hear, listen to the words I now say.
Those who have eyes to see, watch as this story unfolds.”

Within Elohim’s lush garden the divine beings conversed freely with each other. There was no evil in this place, for evil had not entered the thoughts of any of the created beings. Love, pure love, was in the hearts of all those dwelling within the garden. And in the midst of the garden lay a high and loft mountain, the heavenly dwelling place of Elohim, where Heaven and Earth were so intertwined with each other that the veil between them did not exist.

A great trumpet blast echoed forth from the mountaintop across the land. “It is time!” came the voice of an archangel, “Ascend the holy mountain of Elohim and enter his Timeless Halls!”

holy mount

With great wonder and excitement, all the heavenly beings proceeded to climb that great and holy hill for the first Great Gathering of the Divine Council.

As they began to fill the Halls, they saw Elohim seated upon his throne, surrounded by winged throne guardians and flying beings who continually filled the air with sublime chants that praised their Maker. Dazzling light of many colours blazed forth from the throne and illuminated the gathering. The sweet smell of incense permeated the air. They were stunned by such an awesome sight and reverently bowed before the Almighty One before taking their places.

Books were opened and the accounts of this inaugural meeting of the Divine Council were inscribed within.

council of god

From among the gathered, the heavenly Sons of Elohim were appointed as members of the Divine Council. Each of these bright, shining Stones of Fire were brought in turn before Elohim, and each were given gifts for the benefit of humanity and the creation. Some were assigned wisdom and knowledge of plants and agriculture. Others astronomical observations. Still others smelting metals from ore, lapidary, art and scientific principles. One by one they received their gifts with great thankfulness and joy, each being eager to put them to use.


The human child of Elohim, who had been formed from the dust of the ground, was then ushered in before the Council. Elohim excitedly spoke from his throne to his Sons: “Behold, the first of my human children! They shall be the physical ‘imagers’ of my being to the earthly realms. They shall be watched over by you, my Stones of Fire, as they tend my garden, bringing it to full bloom. You Watchers shall take the knowledge and wisdom I have bestowed upon you and guide and teach them the wonders of my creation. All shall work to extend my garden from here, out, across the face of the whole earth. Earth shall thus see Chaos dwindle, and all shall rejoice and join in Creation’s song of praise to its Maker. Go now and make it so!” With that, the Great Gathering was brought to its climactic close, and each being descended the mountain, filled with praise of their Maker and excitement at the task that lay ahead.


Around this time, Books were commissioned for these Watchers to keep accounts of human affairs upon the earth as the work began.



And Elohim placed his human child in the garden and made a partner for him, that they should be fruitful and the whole earth be the habitation of the human children of Elohim. And all should work in partnership with the land, sea and sky as their mandate.


Meanwhile, Day Star, the bright, shining Nachash had been pondering whether these children of Elohim could be turned to worship him. What would happen next shall be spoken of in the next Song.

©2019 Matt Arnold

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