Another Day in Eden

The Maker stepped down into the lush, verdant garden to enjoy everything that He had lovingly crafted. His feet touched the ground, and the grass bowed underfoot, thankful to have been blessed with his presence. The ground itself rejoiced, praising Him for the strength to support Him. As He breathed in, the cool, fresh air … More Another Day in Eden

The “Deep Green” Christian’s Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is upon us! The sun has ventured down to the lowest point in the sky, bringing with him the shortest day and the longest of nights. It doesn’t get any darker than this. Ever since the Autumn Equinox back last September, the balance of power between the light and the dark has been in … More The “Deep Green” Christian’s Winter Solstice

Marking Moments: Cheating Death? Cryogenics and Cyber Immortality

“Who wants to live forever?” – Queen In the Christian tradition, the account of the Garden of Eden in the first few chapters of Genesis in the Bible, Genesis, describes our first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, and their experience with two trees. We may have heard of the account of their Fall by taking … More Marking Moments: Cheating Death? Cryogenics and Cyber Immortality