Plants Meditation – 9. Hawthorn

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Hawthorn  Symbolism: Abundance Fertility & New Life Toughness  Information: This is a very hard wood, tough enough for making wheels, gear cogs and milling. It burns well, even when green, giving a beautiful light to all around. Traditionally it has also been used as a boundary marker for … More Plants Meditation – 9. Hawthorn

Plants Meditation – 3. Foxglove

 Plants Meditation Image: Wikimedia Commons  Plant Name:  Foxglove  Symbolism: Healing Potential Harm Rhythm Caution  Information: Thriving in acidic soils, the foxglove is a beautiful self-seeding plant which maximizes the opportunity of regular visits from bees and other insects to carry its pollen to other flowers to cross-breed. As a result there are many colours of … More Plants Meditation – 3. Foxglove