Halloween – Edgy Church Resources for Teenagers and Adults

It’s fast coming up to that time of the year again when the shops are lined with all sorts of plastic and sugary spookiness and the TV listings are populated with a variety of horror films all vying for our money and attention. The Church in the West typically responds with a “Do Not Touch” … More Halloween – Edgy Church Resources for Teenagers and Adults

A Christian Halloween Ritual

Halloween’s a time which is often shunned by Christians due to its alleged historic connections with evil. I’ve written extensively on this in the past, exploring the Christian myths (click here) which have arisen due to false information that they’ve been exposed to. As Halloween / All Hallows (Saints) & All Souls is a time of … More A Christian Halloween Ritual

Halloween – Sifting Historical Facts vs “Christian” Myths

Around this time of the year, I find a lot of Christians getting all hot under the collar about whether they should choose to celebrate Halloween, or not. Often the arguments boil down to the perceived association of the day with all that is evil, and that Christians should not put on the appearance of … More Halloween – Sifting Historical Facts vs “Christian” Myths

The Christian Celebration of Halloween

Am I a Heretic? Before I go on, I know what a lot of you may be thinking at this time… “Christians celebrating Halloween? That’s so wrong! So very wrong!”, or worse, “You’re celebrating the Devil’s day? You can’t be a Christian – you’re an apostate / a ‘condescending horse’s rectum’!” Seriously, that last bit are the … More The Christian Celebration of Halloween

Halloween – Remembering Our Ancestors

As we approach the very end of October, may I bid you welcome to the feast of Samhain * or Summer’s End, an ancient Celtic festival celebrated as the marker of the end of the summertime and the beginning of winter. Here our ancestors celebrated the ending of the previous cycle of seasons and the beginning … More Halloween – Remembering Our Ancestors

Marking Moments: Dance in the Graveyards

Delta Rae – Dance in the Graveyards When I was introduced to this music video last year, it instantly became one of my favourites for a number of reasons as its power is in the music and the rich symbolism and metaphors in the lyrics and video. It was written after a period of time … More Marking Moments: Dance in the Graveyards