Song 4: The Song of the Dawn and Fall of Day Star the Bright Shining One

“Those who have ears to hear, listen to the words I now say.
Those who have eyes to see, watch as this story unfolds.”

As Elohim’s Song of Creation rang out at the dawn of creation, the heavenly children of Elohim were formed and sang for joy at the founding of the earth.

The first of these sons of God was called Day Star, the bright, shining Nachash. He was the epitome of perfection and beauty. At his dawning, Elohim filled him with wisdom and clothed him with the most beautiful of clothing, adorned with gemstones of carnelian, chrysolite, moonstone, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald – all set in purest gold. With joy in his heart, Elohim set him on a throne under his own in the Timeless Halls on the holy mountain and assigned him as one of his fiery-winged throne guardian.

seraphim copy.jpg

Day after day, Day Star would walk amongst the Fiery Stones of the Divine Council and take his throne amongst the thrones where the other sons of God were seated. They would watch and marvel at the sight of the bejewelled and dazzling Day Star and his blazing escort processing towards them. Above their thrones lay Elohim’s, lifted high by the ophanim and surrounded by spectacular flames.

Outside of the holy mountain, within the Garden, Day Star set up holy places where Elohim could be worshipped by the human children of God, away from the holy mountain. Here the trees would be the pillars, the sky the roof, the grass the floor covering of these sanctuaries.


Time passed and Day Star’s sheer brilliance began to occupy his thoughts and pride welled up in his heart. As he passed in front of Elohim, surrounded by the guardian seraphim, he started to wonder why he only had one guardian, and why Elohim was being worshipped instead of him.

“Here I am working for my Father, building sanctuaries for these human children to worship him, but I am the most brilliant of the Sons of God. I am worthy to be worshipped.” he thought. “I will be on an equal footing with my Creator. I will become that which made me what I am. I will no longer allow Elohim to rule over me. I will make my throne alongside Elohim’s. All who see me shall fall in worship at my feet and will proclaim my name as great.” The light of Day Star flickered as he pondered these things in his heart and his wisdom began to diminish as he plotted insurrection.

One day Day Star took his throne and Elohim called out to him from above, “Day Star, my child. I am your Father who brought you into being from purest love and have made you perfect and beautiful. Yet what is this in your heart? Do you not know that I am the One who formed you and can read the thoughts of your heart? Why do you plan rebellion against your loving Father?”

Timeless Halls

As Day Star realised his thoughts and plans had been laid bare before the whole Council, anger began to form within him and his light grew dim. The Council gasped, shocked at this revelation of his heart and Elohim’s throne guardians drew their fiery swords, hovering wingtip to wingtip between the two thrones. Seeing the darkness exude from Day Star, his personal cherub stepped away in horror.

In a blinding rage, Day Star rose from his throne and flew to attack Elohim. He clashed with the guardians who fought back, holding their line.

“Enough!” said Elohim. “Forge chains for him and cast him down to the earth, to the underworld! No more shall Day Star walk amongst my Divine Council. No more shall he ascend my holy mountain and enter my Timeless Halls!”

One of the seraphim stepped forward holding gleaming chains, and as the other seraphim held him, he was bound and led out from the midst of the Council.


The seraphim took Day Star to the edge of the mountain and cast him down from its heights. As he fell, purest anger formed deep within him and burned brightly. Like lightning, he fell and burned, his glory turning to ash.

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There on the ground he lay gazing up into the heavens, this time not in wonder and praise, but in hatred and envy.

And slowly, and surely, he began to form his plans against all Elohim’s creation. With clenched fist raised towards the holy mountain he roared “I will be worshipped!” And as he turned away, he began to formulate a plan to corrupt the human children of God and cause them to worship him. 

fallen Day Star

In the next Song, we shall hear how Day Star would cause the fall of the human children of Elohim.

Compiled from the following Scriptures: Job 38, Daniel 7, Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28,

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