A Deep Green Christian’s Winter Solstice Poem: From Darkness to Light

“From bright heights of compassion

To deep darkness of hatred

My beloved land has seen it all.”

My land of dear mongrels
All colours and creeds,
All working to bring light
Into history’s dark deeds.
Community spirit
Where new friends were made.
In streets, then much safer,
As children we played.

This land of once plenty
Where poorest could feed,
Where healthcare for all souls
Met physical need.
A “delectable island”
Of valley and field,
Of mountain and pasture
Where souls and minds healed.

But where is this land
Which once showed how to care,
Which practised compassion
And was covered in prayer?

Land corroded by self-greed
Communities crushed
Oppressed by dark powers
Into decline were pushed.
The rich they got richer.
The poor sacrificed,
As stock markets tumbled
Due to houses mispriced.

“Each man is an island”
They sang in accord
Whilst profits of corporates
In tax havens were poured.
No Highest Power
To answer for pain
Inflicted on others
Earmarked for the blame.

“How did this happen?”
Nostalgics they cry.
Their pensions hardly keeping
Them warm, safe and dry.

Distraction and smokescreens
Kept people amused,
And debt slaves wallowed
In goods they’d accrued.
From cradle to grave
“Our” tube videos they played
Celebrities desperate,
For attention they craved.

A vacuum of starkness
Depleted this land,
The forces of darkness
Began what was planned.
Blind eyes saw no challenge,
Their ears heard no cry
From the poorest and helpless
Who they hoped would just die.

“Who will stand up
And say ‘No!’ to this thing?”
And voices arose,
Each a hope offering.

“Make Britain furst!”
Rose the chant from the vile;
The tents of the homeless
They came to defile.
They claimed to be “Christian”,
But their deeds did betray
The god that they worshiped –
A monstrous display.

Church leaders on telly
Told us “Pay more tax.”
Avoiding the government’s
Tax loopholes to axe.
To speak truth to power
Was one point of the Church.
Shall its prophets lie silent
Under threat of the birch?

This is winter solstice,
This darkest of times,
But light shall arise
And so brightly it shines.

It starts in the heart
Of the one who says “No!”
To the self-centred politics
And evil in tow.
When people say “Welcome”
To stranger and friend
And spread forth a banquet
To buck selfish trend.

Your acts of compassion
Are worship, in truth,
Of the One who sent Jesus
Born in manger, uncouth.
That child who grew showing
How blessèd are those
Who follow the Master
And evil oppose.

“This God’s only ours!”
The zealots would say,
Showing warped understanding
Of the God they betray.

His love of the other,
The alien, “Mudblood”,
His crossing of boundaries
Cost his dearest lifeblood.
As forces of darkness,
Who would not be free,
Beat and bound this Creator
And nailed to a tree.

The law of Deep Magic
The Accuser did wield
As the Blameless lay shrouded
In cold tomb concealed.
Death’s darkness would vanish
In bright light of dawn –
Deeper Magic would mean
That this Son was reborn!

“But religion breeds hatred!”
The Athiests’ cry.
Whilst truth’s there in part,
It’s also a lie.

Arisen, Ascended
He now reigns on high,
The One who said “I am
the light for your sky.”
He gives gifts to all
Whether follower or not
For he loves us all dearly
And has not us forgot.

Let your God-given light
Shine forth from now on
As we follow that light
Of the blessed, Risen Son.
The darkness is deepest
When light is its least.
Now rise to the challenge –
Be your community’s yeast.

“Will change really happen?”
It will if you try
To honour the other,
And let your ‘self’ die.

So go, love your God
With heart, soul and mind,
If your God is one
So generous and kind
To others so different
In tribe, tongue and creed;
Who reconciles “all things” –
Deepest Magic’s decreed.

Solstice candle I light now,
And bid evil depart.
I choose to let God’s love
Shine into my heart,
And from it henceforth
To others will shine
And the love of the other
Flow through Britain’s winter

to coming



From Darkness to Light: A British Winter Solstice ©2017 Matt Arnold

This poem was inspired in part by the state of Britain in 2017, where decades of the cult of consumeristic individualism have raped and pillaged everything once held sacred: from community, religion, to the very landscape threatened by the last gasp attempt to strip it of all its resources in for something brighter, shinier and just “new” – the myth of progress. With the rise of those who would seek to promote hatred, given airtime and newspaper space, and with people not aware of the mistakes in history we are about to repeat, we truly are in very, very dark times.

One day the “reset” button will be pushed on this planet, and heaven and earth will combine: the kingdom of God where the fruits of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control will burst forth in such a way that the very things which oppose them will be no more.

This “reset” will not be through the greedy narcissists and their warped theological advisers who love to watch the world burn in a human-made Armageddon, but through the return of the One, Jesus, who will reconcile all things back to their original functions of bringing glory to the Maker, and our wholeness of our selves brought about by the healing of all that has hurt and corroded us along our journey.

In a world where the sea of chaos churns, I look forward in the hope of the coming light of resurrection life, where there will be no more sea, and all shall be in harmony with the Creator once more. Until then, I work as part of the reconciliation task assigned to me, shining the light of God and seeking that light in others.

Merry meet. Merry we part. Merry we shall meet again!

Blessings of the Solstice Maker upon you all.

One thought on “A Deep Green Christian’s Winter Solstice Poem: From Darkness to Light

  1. Matt,the darkness of the earth is an enigma because in the dark nights there is rest and peace. Think of the relief in switching off a light as you turn to sleep.The eyes are rested and healing ,restorative sleep can begin,perchance to dreams dreams that bring a spark of imagination into our waking lives. Without darkness there can be no light.I do understand the point of the poem being we should all make a contribution to bringing back compassion and care. However in my wanderings in things pagan I have learnt darkness is not to be feared but embraced as a gift to us.Maybe you could write something about reconciling darkness and light?I would welcome your thoughts.


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