Song 1: A Song of Creation

“Those who have ears to hear, listen to the words I now say.
Those who have eyes to see, watch as this story unfolds.”


In Eternity Past

Before the beginning of space-time, dwelling in eternal halls was Elohim, the Eternal Three-in-One, known on earth from ancient times as Yahweh and in later times as God. The Three-in-One, Father, Son and Spirit danced an eternal, mysterious dance of union as they permeated and flowed freely through each other and delighted in each other’s presence. In the heart of this Trinity, self-sacrificial love existed as each served the other out of purest love.


The Creation of the Lower Heavenly Realms

Wanting to share love and communion with others, the Source of All Love created other elohim, in myriad numbers and forms, each lovingly given freewill to choose to follow their Maker in their created roles or not. Some, known as the ‘sons of Elohim’, were given positions in the Divine Council to share in governance of that which was to come. Others were given a variety of roles including throne guardians, servants, messengers and leaders of the worship of the Eternal One. At this time, Wisdom was created.

Thus the lower heavenly realm was made and filled with spirit beings, the elohim, created by Yahweh, the uncreated Elohim, who lovingly ruled over them and sought their well-being in all things.

council of god
The Divine Council

The First Revelation

The Divine Council sat, with Elohim presiding in the midst of them. The Eternal One revealed further plans from his heart of love. These plans would see the creation of another, lower realm, one “other” to the heavenly realms but through which the heavenly realms would permeate. As a master worker, Wisdom listened as Elohim revealed his plans, and she delighted in the work of her Creator as they came to be.

The material realms of time and space would now be created at the command of Elohim…


The Creation of the Realm of Space-Time

First, a dark void was created and filled with deep waters, churning and swirling in the darkness.

As the great motherly Spirit of God brooded over those chaotic, embryonic waters, the elohim joyfully sang the praises of their Maker in the Symphony of Creation.

Then the Word spoke into the darkness and said, “Let this be…”

At His command, the Spirit penetrated the midst of the Deep, and Order began to tame the Chaos within. The primeval thermonuclear light shone out of the darkness of the Deep, though the Deep did not yet understand it.

And it was so.

Light was separated from the darkness, creating both the day and the night.

And it was good.

Evening passed. Morning came. Day one was completed!


The Creation of the Earthly Realms

The Word spoke once more, “Let this be…”

Like an architect unrolling a blueprint, the Master Builder stretched out the waters, separating the deep and creating between them an expanse called the heavens. Water above and water beneath. In the waters beneath, the foundations of the earth began to form.

And the sons of Elohim and other beings in the lower heavenly realms sang together for joy at the laying of the earth’s cornerstone.

Evening passed. Morning came. Day two was completed!

Dry land appears

The Word spoke once more, “Let this be…”

Then the Divine Hands reached in, measured out and lifted up solid land from the depths. Dry ground – land – appeared. Waters flowed off them into the basins and deep ravines, and oceans came to be.

Again the Word spoke, “Let this be…”

The God of Green Hope covered the land with his green mantle, and all kinds of seed bearing plants and fruit laden trees sprang forth from it. And the trees of the field clapped their hands in joy as the Spirit of Elohim blew through them.

And it was good.

Evening passed. Morning came. Day three was completed!


The Filling of the Expanse

The Word spoke once more, “Let this be…”

And the Almighty Starbreather began to fill and light up the expanse of space between the waters.

First, a huge ball of golden light was crafted to rule the day – Brother Sun. And his light and warmth for the first time caressed earth’s verdant land.

Second, a ball of silver light, fairer than the first was crafted to rule the night – Sister Moon. And she kissed the earth with her moonbeams.

Further out, the Starbreather studded the heavens with other suns and planets, placing them in patterns in the night sky: the Pleiades, Orion and those whose houses Brother Sun would traverse.

All these would serve to mark times and seasons for all dwelling upon the earth.

And it was good.

Evening passed. Morning came. Day four was completed!


The Filling of the Sea and Sky

The Word spoke once more, “Let this be…”

And the Water of Life began to fill the oceans, lakes and rivers with swarms of creatures.

The Breath of Life began to fill the lower heavens with all manner of flying creatures.

The seas teemed with life, and the great sea monsters swam in the depths.

The air resounded with birdsong.

The Giver of Life said to all, “I give you life in all its fullness. Go forth and multiply!”

And it was good.

Evening passed. Morning came. Day five was completed!

The Filling of the Land

The Word spoke once more, “Let this be…”

And the Ground of All Being formed the land animals: beasts of the field, wild animals, creepy crawlies and even serpents.

It was good

The Word spoke one last time, “Let this be…”

“Let us make human beings, in our image to reflect our likeness, to be responsible for all on this planet, to join with all creation in worship of their Maker as they go about their daily business.”


And then, having formed a beautiful garden, the Divine Potter descended into it, took clay, and lovingly shaped a man from it. The Breath of Life embraced this lifeless mass, kissed and breathed into it. And the clay became a living human being. From the side of man, the Creator crafted a woman, not from his head – to rule him, or from his feet – to be under him, but from his side, as an equal.

Thus male and female were lovingly crafted in the image of the Divine, and the image of the Divine was placed inside them.

“You’re in charge of this earthly realm.” the Maker said. “Lie together and have children, and let them have their own children, and so on. Fill this place appropriately, be a sub-creator and work with me and my heavenly beings to detail it, turning chaos to order throughout. Take my image which I have placed inside of you and image me to this world I have lovingly made.”

The Maker said. “Take care of your sister, Mother Earth. Work with all that is, both seen and unseen, earthly and heavenly, to bring her to full bloom: animal, vegetable and mineral. Take, eat from all fruit trees and seed-bearing plants. I say to everything here that has the breath of life within it, I’ve provided an abundance of lush food for you all.”

The Completion of All Creation

The Creator saw everything that had been made, heavenly and earthly, and indeed it was most excellent!

Evening passed. Morning came. Day six was completed!

And thus the entire array of creation was completed: from the vastness of galactic superclusters to the tiniest building blocks of matter and energy themselves, from the heavenly beings who would help humans bring order to the chaos outside the garden to those who would be intermediaries in the heavenly realms.

As it was above, so it was below; it was on earth as it was in heaven. All in the heavenly and earthly realms were in harmony, working with and alongside each other. And their joyful work was a resounding praise of their Creator.


The Wisdom of Rest

By the seventh day, the Eternal One, being exceedingly pleased with all that had been accomplished, knew that continually working would not be a good model for the creation, as it would burn out rapidly. And, after building into the creation times of rest, dormancy, hibernation and ebb, God showed everything an example through the wisdom of resting and enjoyment of the creation. This seventh day God blessed and made holy by setting it apart from the other six days of hard work.

The eighth day lay waiting.

©2017 Matt Arnold

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