Praise of the Cosmic Creator

The Deep

Praise to the Eternal Water of Life

Who spoke the Great and turbulent Deep into existence,

And Whose Spirit hovered above,

Embracing it as it collapsed –

Pulled in by its own gravitational force.


“Let there be light.”

Praise to the Eternal Flame of Love

Whose creative passion lit the first thermonuclear light of the cosmos,

Turning mass into energy, and energy into mass,

Sending shock waves throughout the Deep

And fusing nuclei to synthesise the heavier elements.


The Stretching of the Heavens

Praise to the Eternal Wind of Inspiration

Whose Breath blew matter across stretching space-time,

Cooling and condensing it into the stellar jewels of galactic crowns,

And Whose mysterious dark energy

beckons us journey deeper into the wonders of Creation.


The God-Man, Jesus Christ

Praise to the Eternal Ground of All Being

Who took earth, fashioned it and gave it life

In all its delightful and myriad forms;

Who stepped into it, lived, died,

rose and ascended to fill it once more.



The  Laniakea Supercluster

Praise to the Eternal Spirit of the Cosmos


Whose presence within all that is

Upholds it moment by moment,

From the tiniest building blocks

To galactic superclusters …


And beyond.


©2017 Matt Arnold


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